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It’s not just a training…it’s an experience…

Bridging the gap between Person Centered Care and the Human Experience

Every thing we do to, for and with another person creates a human experience for both of us.  When you understand your own unique human experience by discovering how you think, what you feel and why you react, you can support other's with humility, grace and dignity.  We are supporting people on their most difficult journeys, and now that I have a front row seat on the journey, I can tell you without a doubt, that how we show up as professionals directly impacts how I as a wife navigate, process and embrace the journey.  I know how we can support each other better so we can build better stories, for ourselves, each other, our patients and their families.  and it all starts with connection. It's where the magic and the music happens for both Caregivers and Care Receivers. 

On-Site Experience Workshops

How we learn matters! This experience provides an interactive and engaging experience that allows participants to identify what they know from their own history and experiences, and connect it to the experiences of their patients and their families.  When we bridge the gap between person centered care and the human experience it allows us to gain a new perspective and understanding, so we start with curiosity, compassion and grace. 


Virtual Experience Workshops

Meet Linda! 

She and I have worked hard to bring you the same amazing experience virtually that promises to be refreshing, thought provoking and empowering. 


Benefits to these virtual experiences include:

flexibility, affordability and high impact! 

"How you start...Dictates where you end..."  Krisie Barron LSW

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