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Aging, Dementia, Caregiving Oh MY!

Aging, Dementia, Caregiving OH MY!! We got you covered!! We will answer questions that you don’t know how to ask when it comes to Aging, Dementia and Caregiving. When we understand “why”...we can accept, adjust and move on...


•  What is normal along this aging journey and what is not? 

•  Understand the world of Dementia and how to support the people you love. 

•  Are you a Caregiver and having feelings that don’t feel normal and thoughts that continue to make you feel vulnerable, angry and guilty?


Target Audience: Family’s Caregivers and Community Members


Length of Presentation:  90min - 2hrs


Navigating the Caregiver Journey 

Everything Changes…

Thoughts, Feelings, Actions 

Giving yourself the gift of knowledge allows you to be in charge of the journey you’re on, instead of being at the mercy of it. This workshop promises to be an interactive and engaging learning experience that provides caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need to make the journey smooth for everyone.

You will learn: 

  • Guilt is not a necessary part of caregiving and generally comes from feeling we are not doing enough. What is enough? What stories are we telling ourself? 

  • Grief and loss are not something we automatically think of through the journey. When we don’t understand the feelings that come with all the changes that are happening we are likely to beat ourselves up. We do it cause we don’t recognize what it happening…

  • Strategies about what to do if you run out of energy or can’t find the words to comfort both of you.  

  • Roles change, our identity changes, and how we connect to the world changes. How do we embrace the new “normal” and not lose ourselves. 

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