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Humans Growing Humans

Human Development that supports the Human Experience

Creating Sustainable Cultures through Modern Leadership

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To create customizable solutions for healthcare communities that will empower program participants with sustainable self-directed skills that supports self and others through hard human experiences.


This model provides transformational support and cultivates an ongoing learning culture that empowers us to turn hard human experiences, into outcomes that serve to make tomorrow better. Without these vital human skills we continue to add to a mounting pile of hard things that I, as a care provider, can no longer hurdle on my way to work. 


This experience creates a safe and guided place that provides your staff the opportunity they need to feel their way through their own hard human experiences.  This leads to understanding their human process and the best way to support themselves in a way that serves and protects them to reduce stress, burnout and career ending stories.  

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Humans Growing Humans is Customized by you to meet your community needs!
Check out what Howard Lake, MN created to support their humans!


Humans Growing Humans

Exploring how and why YOU matter.

To matter means to be of importance; have significance.

In 6 Experiences we explored:

  • YOUR mattering as an individual, care partner and team member

  • Why your story YOU create about YOURSELF as well as the stories we tell each other matter.

  • How You can support the mattering of people living with Dementia.

  • Why mattering can make all the difference to YOU in uncertain and challenging times.

  • How YOUR mattering leads to better experiences and outcomes in YOUR personal and work life.

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