Aging, Dementia, Caregiving OH MY!!

Aging, Dementia, Caregiving OH MY!! We got you covered!! We will answer questions that you don’t know how to ask when it comes to Aging, Dementia and Caregiving.  


•       What is normal along this aging journey and what is not? 

•       Understand the world of Dementia and how to support the people you love. 

•       Are you a Caregiver and having feelings that don’t feel normal and thoughts that continue to make you feel             vulnerable, angry and guilty?


Join us for this 2hr journey that gives you some understanding of the aging process, some “why” behind what dementia brings to the table and some Caregiver clarity that will sustain even the most burnout Caregivers.  





Target Audience: Family’s Caregivers and Community Members


Length of Presentation:  90min - 2hrs


Cost   $350 for Non Profit, Faith Communities and Community Presentations


Free with purchase paid 8hr training

“Excellent information presented in a way you could relate to…”

Tel: 320.360.4724   

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