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Understanding the Caregiver Journey

A healthy understanding of Caregiving helps you set healthy expectations and healthy boundaries for the families you support as well as yourself . Giving yourself the gift of knowledge allows you to be in charge of the journey you’re on and the ones you assist along the way, instead of being at the mercy of it.  This Workshop promises to be an interactive and engaging learning experience that provides Caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need to make the caregiving journey smooth for everyone.  


You will:

  • Understanding the Caregiver journey as Professionals and as Family’s and why we do what we do and why we feel the way we do sometimes.  Understanding perspective will help everyone to have realistic and healthy expectations along the way.

  • Vulnerability seeing it from every perspective, how does it contribute to our daily activities and interactions? 

  • How we connect matters, whether it is with the people we support, Caregivers, Families, or each other as staff, “How we start dictates… Dictates where we end…” Can connection affect your sense of belonging, trust and compassion… does it affect every interaction?


Target Audience: Professional and Family Caregivers


Length of Presentation:  6-8 hours  Flexable


Reaching Out

Dementia…Connecting to what I have left...

We spend a lot of time fighting against the things I have lost as a person living with Dementia.  Imagine what would happen if we connect to what I have left?

• Why are we getting the responses we are getting

• What we are not understanding about how People living with Dementia take in the world around them

• Tools to help our families connect when our people seem the least connectable.

Target Audience:  Professional & Family Caregivers

Length:  2hrs

Building Better Working Relationships

with your families...

Family Caregivers rely on your support to bring clarity when things are foggy and guidance when things are uncertain.  Discover how we can build better relationships in the first meeting instead of having 10 meetings trying to figure out how to manage and support "that family".    

We’ll be exploring:

  • Designing Alliances with our families helps us all understand the roles, expectations and suppport needed by everyone on the team.  Find out why it is essential to guiding us through the hard parts of the journey.

  • What is happening when they are pushing back? Why can’t they hear us? Why does how we support matter?

  • What is our responsibility to our patients/clients journey and what is our impact on their stories?

Trust building, it’s one interaction at a time.

 “How we start…dictates where we end…" 

4hr Target population all Professional Caregivers...

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