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Human Experience

Bridging the Gap between
Person Centered Care and the

Human Experience

How we support matters!  We are all just doing the best that we can with the resources and staff we have, but what if I told you that by using a different lens and gaining a different perspective would change the way we are supporting each other both staff and residents alike… I whole heartedly believe that “How we start…Dictates where we end”... Join me for this interactive journey that will help you feel and experience the worlds in which we support…How will it look when it’s our turn…Do we want it to look like this???.

  • Person Centered Care and Services…What does that even mean, let alone what does it look like? Understanding where we are before we figure out where there is room for improvement is the key to changing the culture of your organization and relationships.

  • Connection - We are all hard wired for connection, when we are not connected we are suffering…

  • Caregiving vs Care Partnering… Understanding ourselves so we can better understand how and why we support the way we do.



Target Audience: All Human Service Workers


Length of Presentation: 4hr 

Reflection of Monks Crossing a Wooden Br

This workshop includes person centered concepts, principles and materials used with permission from The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.  Find out more at


Meet your Ethical Sidekick…Moral Distress

Covid is requiring you to do things that sometimes challenge your ethics and personal value system.  The disconnect between what is happening around us and how we are used to responding to it.


The feeling you are experiencing is called moral distress, it is powerful and sneaky. 

In this session you will:

• Identify what part of the situations you confront everyday require you to pause and have an ethical conversations with yourself.

• Discover how your values play a part in the support you provide and the story you tell yourself about the people you are helping and how you feeling about them and the situation.

• Gain the understanding and tools needed to rethink situations and sort it all out!

Target Audience: All Human Service Workers

Length of Presentation 2hr  (can be tailored)

Explore our Humanness

Discover how the "connections we make" and the "way we support" can be enhanced by simply understanding our humanness.

  • How we see each other affects the connection we have and our ability to work as a Care Team. What do we see?  What value do they hold?

  • Personality types and what make us different and the connections more complicated.

  • How the stories we tell ourselves impact the care we give.

Target Audience: All Humans

Length of Presentation 4hr  (Can be tailored)

Exploring Nature
Happy Couple

Building Better Working Relationships

with our Families

Family Caregivers rely on your support to bring clarity when things are foggy and guidance when things are uncertain.  There is a lot of things your Caregivers are experiencing that you have the ability to put some context around.  As a care partner myself, I can tell you that once we understand "why" we are feeling the way we do, we an accept, adjust and move on.  This is part of caring for ourselves in the moment.

This experience will help you understand the families you support and how to best help them through their journeys. What is happening when they are pushing back? Why can’t they hear us?   How we help matters… Come get fresh ideas and new techniques to support our families in the moment… It’s the moments that add up to be stories... 

  • How we see each other affects the connection we have and our ability to work as a Care Team. What do we see?  What value do they hold?

  • Different kinds of families require different kinds of support. who are they and how do we help them.  What is there journey like and what lens do we need to use to best support them.

Trust building, it’s one interaction at a time.  “How we start…dictates where we end…" 

Target Audience:  Professional Healthcare Workers

Length:  4hrs

You have your "To Do" List
but do you have your
"To Be" List....

Everyone of our stories are created in the moment…Make them kind and full of grace...

Finding peace and comfort in the midst of chaos is super hard, and everything feels overwhelming.  Being able to sort out what actually is happening and what your actual responsibility is, makes it easier for you to support yourself in the moment… 


  • Discover how adding a “To Be List” to your “To Do List” helps you understand how to support yourself in the moment.

  • Understand how the story we tell ourselves about any given subject impacts the actions and reactions we get and give.

  • Get the tools you need to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to supporting yourself.

Target Audience:  All Humans

Length:  90min-2hrs

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