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Confidential, No Judgment Listening

Conversations with Krisie

It's amazing what one good conversation can do.

Overwhelmed, Lonely



Caregiver Support

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Would you have ever guessed that life as a Caregiver would look like this? 

Tailored Family

Dementia Education

How to live with Dementia...

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Things you won't read in a pamphlet, or Dementia 101, This session is tailored to your family and will help you understand how to actually live with Dementia and understand why things are happening and how to navigate it.

Trying to Get a Plan

Don't know where to start?

Family Foundation

Senior couple hugging

Discover what you need to know as you navigate the aging journey as a family by getting answers to the questions you don't know how to ask.  Get insight into the emotions that come with the journey and how to best support yourselves when hard things happen.

Family Conflict Mediation/Resolution

 Getting Everyone on the same page...


4 out of 5 families fall apart through a long term illness, if it seems like you spend more time fighting than you do giving grace, I can help.  

When we understand "Why" we can accept, adjust and move on... I can explain WHY...
Tailored Family Education
Answering the questions you don't know how to ask...
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