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Confidential No Judgement Listening

Conversation with Krisie

Caregivers Couples and Families

Therapy helps you unpack the past, Coaching help us figure out how to move forward!

Everything is uncertain, scary and frustrating!  Let me help you find your "next right answer" by

Helping you figure out what is in your way, and help you find the path forward!

Specializing In Caregivers and Families
Understand Caregiving Emotions and Frustrations.
Sort out your story, to find your next right answer.
Support your family members through the journey.
Help couples figure out how to support each other.
Understand Dementia and working with what they have left.

Plan for what's next.

Krisie Barron LSW

Caregiver/Human Specialist

Virtual Sessions via Phone, FaceTime or Zoom
Cost: $75
Session Length: 90 min
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