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Living with Dementia and knowing about Dementia are two different things...

I can help you live with it...

Family Dementia Experience
This is not Dementia 101, this experience helps you
feel and understand Dementia from the inside out!


Dementia is one of the hardest diseases to support as it comes with a whole host of things that can interrupt life in very dramatic ways, most of which can be heart breaking, frustrating and in some cases relationship altering.


Teepa Snow has spent over 40 years trying to figure out what a person living with Dementia has left instead of what they have lost and has developed the Positive Approach to Care (PAC).  This helps us as Caregivers understand "why" things happen and how to support it when it does.  As a Certified Trainer I am able to bring the understanding and skills needed to thrive along the Dementia journey instead of just survive directly to your family.  

The people we love are living with Dementia on the inside and we as a family are living with it on the outside.  

When we understand "Why" we can Accept, Adjust, and Move On... I can help! 

Family Experience
Virtual or In-Person
2 hr Family Dementia 
Experience and Planning
Follow up Family Session

Presented by:
Krisie Barron LSW
Caregiver/Human Specialist

Krisie Barron is a Caregiver Specialist, with over twenty five years of experience helping individuals and families walk their aging journey.  As a Licensed Social Worker and Family Caregiver, she brings an extensive background of knowledge and experience in Nursing Home Care, Home and Community Based Services, Homecare and Hospice.  


Krisie embodies the background and insight necessary to bridge the gap between Professional and Family Caregivers.   By understanding each other as humans and being conscious of the journey each of us travels, we can start with peace, curiosity and grace instead of judgment, punishment and a sense of war in our hearts. 

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