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Human Centered Leadership Boot Camp
How to Lead Humans 101

Our staff is forever changing, our retention is low and our morale is even lower.  We as humans are spinning and bouncing off each other.  As individuals we are having a hard time finding center and with the ever-changing environment around us live with a level of anxiety most have not experienced before.

Our people know "how" to do their jobs, what they don't know is who to "be" with each other, our clients and our families.  At the root of our company systems, are our human operating systems that we are failing to support in a way that retains, sustains and empowers each other. 

Our Human Centered Leadership Boot Camp is a combination of In-Person and Virtual learning experiences that builds upon each other with ongoing learning between sessions through a text messaging system that provides opportunities to present challenges unique to each leader in real time to provide the tools and support to maneuver difficult situations.

Experience #1

Leading Self/Leading Within

January 17th, 2023



Exploring self and how we as humans move through change and break apart an experience to identify the different components of why and how we react to change and gain new tools to respond to the new levels of uncertainty todays challenges bring.

Self Directed Support Skills

Tools to model and implement self-directed stress and mental health support of self and others through uncertain times.

Experience #3

Leading the Human Experience

February 23, 2023



As Human Service Professionals we lead staff, patients, clients, families and communities through hard human experiences.  Being with people is much harder than  anything we do to people. We train people on how to procedurally support people through our systems, but rarely do we give them the tools to support the mental and emotional journey's that travel our systems.

Understanding the Human Operating System

This experience creates a safe and guided place that gives your staff the opportunity they need to feel their way through their own hard human experiences. When I understand "me" I can see "you". This leads participants to understand the human operating system in a way that best supports self and others in a way that serves and protects and reduces the stress, burnout and career ending stories.​

Experience #5

Leading Forward with Influence

March 28, 2023



Learning the different roles and stances we can take as leaders in situations to empower and influence for the best human outcomes.  Being aware of our impact as leadership helps us be accountable to the  leadership shadow we cast and the modeling we are doing as leaders growing leaders.

The vocabulary to communicate in more productive, less blaming and shaming ways that results in empowering people and situations, generating positive productive interactions, stronger connections, increase trust and enhance safety felt within your organization.

Experience #2

Effective Communication

January 31, 2023


Virtual - Zoom

Our ability to communicate only goes as far as our experiences and language allow us to go.  Understanding our impact on the people we lead no matter how good the intention is, is imperative to successful leadership.

Transformational vs. Transactional

This model provides the tools to provide transformational communication and support skills that cultivate an ongoing learning culture that empowers us to turn hard human experiences into outcomes that serve to make tomorrow better.

Experience #4

Understanding the Human Operating System

March 7, 2023


Virtual - Zoom

Leading others means understanding how our company operating systems and our human operating systems work together and how they can work against each other.  Getting the tools to evaluate, impact and sustain systems means being able to navigate conflict, design alliances and enhance both the company and human operating systems.

This leads participants to understand the human operating system in a way that best supports self and others in a way that serves and protects and reduces the stress, burnout and career ending stories.​




Sign on Bonus

In-Person Sessions held at:
Resource Training and Solutions
137 23rd St. S.
Sartell, MN 56377

$1,999 per Attendee
$5,000 - 3 Attendees

Contact us for:
Group Rates for 4 or more attendees
Non-Profit Discounts Available
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Sign Up Bonus - $1,500 Company credit toward any In-house Experiences

What Our Attendees are Saying

Megan K. Diving House

Krisie was so engaging. Course discussion and everything that she covered was awesome and gave me tools to bring into the houses. I am leaving excited to go into my house meetings with my staff and share this information and implement things into how I do things as a supervisor!

Meggan Karels - Divine House, Inc.

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