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Helping Family and Professional Caregivers support the "Human Experience".
Did you have a class in your lifetime that gave you the tools you needed to support yourself through hard things?  How about leading others through hard things?
We have the experiences that help us all to better hear, understand and support each other.

Humans Growing Humans
Customized Experiences to fit your Community needs and budget!
Are your humans bouncing off each other?
Having a hard time finding center?
Does your staff have a hard time seeing and hearing each other?
Turnover High?
Leadership lacking Human Skills?

This model provides transformational support and cultivates an ongoing learning culture that empowers us to turn hard human experiences, into outcomes that serve to make tomorrow better. Without these vital human skills we continue to add to a mounting pile of hard things that I, as a care provider, can no longer hurdle on my way to work. 

When we enhance our human operating system with the skills they need to "be" with each other, our culture changes, our systems level out and our retention increases.

Check out the results we had in Howard Lake!
Do you have Leaders that could use some help with their human skills?
Mini-Human Centered Leadership Boot Camp
How to lead Humans 101
March 28, 2023
Resource Training and Solutions
137 23rd St. S Sartell, MN

As Human Service Professionals we lead staff, patients, clients, families and communities through hard human experiences.  As Leaders we are given all the policy and procedures that guide our work, but rarely are we given the human skills needed to lead the people who do the work.


In this session  you will learn to lead the humans that drive your operating system through:  

  • Self Directed Support Skills - Tools to model and implement self directed stress and mental health support of self and others through uncertain times.

  • Effective Communication - This model provides the tools to provide transformational communication and support skills that cultivate an ongoing learning culture that empowers us to turn hard human experiences into outcomes that serve to make tomorrow better.

  • Leading and Supporting your Human Operating System - Learning the different roles and stanceswe can take as leaders in situations to empower and influence for the best human outcomes. Being aware of our impact as leadership helps us be accountable to the leadership shadow we cast and the modeling we are doing as leaders growing leaders.

Cost: $245

Caregiving in RealTime

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Most Caregivers would give anything if their
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Joyce, Peer Support Group

I have learned more from her in the last month than I have in over 30 years of therapy. She has given me tools that I use on a daily basis and that in turn, has helped my family and my working relationships. Her knowledge and insight are incredible and she is super easy to get along with. She has opened my eyes in so many ways and the tools she recommends are easy to use and remember. I am forever grateful that I met her and I highly recommend her.


Marion, Family Caregiver

"Krisie really nailed the presentation. Hilarity ensued.  I learned how to look at my folds in a new light, and how to care for clients. (I'm new)"

Young Lawyer

Paul, Director of Nursing

"Excellent Information presented in a way you could relate to and the tools to support our families and patients better"

Bridging the Gap Between
Person Centered Care
and the Human Experience...

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