Empowering Caregivers through Education, Consulting and Coaching

Whether your a Professional or Family Caregiver or part of the supporting cast, everyones roles brings unique challenges, a rollercoaster of emotions and a certain level of frustration and unexplainable fear. 


I believe we as Caregivers are doing the best that we can that knowledge is power and feel my job is to answer the questions you don’t know how to ask and to give Caregivers the tools they need to EMBRACE their caregiving journey.  

As a Caregiver myself I can tell you that how you support matters. Support starts from a connection and more importantly a feeling.  A feeling of reassurance that you have someone to guide, affirm feelings that are normal and natural and someone who has the tools to help you have the quality of life you and your family deserve through the end of the journey.

Popular Facility Training

Affect your entire community in 2 days!!

Day 1

1- 8hr Providing a Human Experience

Audience: Management, Nurses, Case Workers, Social Workers other Professionals


Day 2

2- 4hr Frontline Connection -

Audience: All front line staff!!

Evening/Afternoon Session

2hr Aging, Dementia, Caregiving OH MY!

Audience: Family's, Caregivers and Community


$2500 plus mileage and expenses

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“Krisie really nailed the presentation. Hilarity ensued. I learned how to look at my folks in a new light, and how to care for clients (I’m new)”
“Excellent information presented in a way you could relate to…”

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