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Consulting and Coaching

This grassroots approach to supporting individuals, teams, and families has become an invaluable addition to the support we can offer our healthcare partners in Pope, Grant and Traverse counties. Below are some ways a fresh perspective, listening ear and new skill sets can help navigate challenging situations.

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The Western Unity Project provides consulting support to healthcare partners in Pope, Grant, and Traverse counties.

The intent of the project is to enhance our human skill set in the following areas:

  • Leadership and Staff Development

  • Self-directed Support

  • Communication 

  • Conflict

  • Dementia Care (Positive Approach to Care PAC)

  • Family Support

  • Working Agreements

This comprehensive support aims to improve staff retention, resident and family support and an overall feeling of the organization.


Coaching serves many purposes, and is one of the most effective way to support  individuals, teams, families and organizations.

Coaching helps to figure out what is happening, what is in the way of moving forward, and guidance in determining want you would like to have happen next. 


  • Personal and Work Challenges

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Human Development


  • Team Development

  • Individual Dementia Challenges

  • Communication and Conflict


  • Identify communication gaps and work to fill them

  • Human Centered Leadership Development

  • Identify what is causing low retention rates.


For More Information Contact Krisie Barron

Made possible thanks to the PrimeWest Health Community Reinvestment Grant


Thank you to Western Prairie Human Services for investing in their communities.

PrimeWest Health logo_PNG.png or call 320.360.4724

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