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Yoga at Home

If it was just about training we wouldn't be short staffed...


"Our staff has tied a knot at the end of their ropes and are hanging on with calloused hands and exhausted hearts..."  

Krisie Barron LSW 

It's not about what our Staff are doing...
It's how they
feel about what they are doing...

 Let's Empower our Staff not pacify them!

Through Discovery, Experiences and Laughter
We can help them

ReGroup ReFocus and ReEngage

Provide an experience that help to debriefunwind and discover how to support Themselves and others through hard Human Experiences.
  • How does the uncertainty of today impact us?
  • How do we take in the world around us?
  • Why do we react the way they do?
  • Why can't we see and hear each other?
  • How can we support ourselves better
    through hard things?
Schedule your Free Consultation Today!
Tailored Experiences to match your community and budget!
Virtual and In-Person Options Available

Presented by:
Krisie Barron LSW
Caregiver/Human Specialist

Krisie Barron is a Caregiver Specialist, with over twenty five years of experience helping individuals and families walk their aging journey.  As a Licensed Social Worker and Family Caregiver, she brings an extensive background of knowledge and experience in Nursing Home Care, Home and Community Based Services, Homecare and Hospice.  


Krisie embodies the background and insight necessary to bridge the gap between Professional and Family Caregivers.   By understanding each other as humans and being conscious of the journey each of us travels, we can start with peace, curiosity and grace instead of judgment, punishment and a sense of war in our hearts. 

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