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For the love....

Updated: May 6, 2021

Someone asked me the other day “how do you get up every morning and do what you do when it comes to being a Care Partner?” And the answer frankly is is the hook...the hook that binds, the hook that brings comfort and the hook that leads our story and our journey.

Normal relationships require us to realize that love is not only a feeling, but a choice each of us has to choose every day. Some days the choice is easy and some days it takes effort. Then there are those days you can love someone, but not like them very much. This is human and normal. Being a Care Partner is at times hard and uncomfortable to say the least, but the love, the hook, is what makes you get up each and every day. For the people we support everyday, the love you have is often times the best tool you have in your tool box. We don’t realize that, of course, because when someone you love is suffering and you feel helpless, we diminish the value and power love has in being a part of the remedy for the suffering.

It is essential that it is nurtured, fed and respected if we are going in endure the things that are uncomfortable along the way. When the rubber meets the road and you are standing at the back of the funeral home... the only thing that is going to matter is the way we loved each other through it. I use this metaphor to help other family care partners to recognize the “hook” and the importance for nurturing it. For some of us, loosing weight only happens if there is a good reason to do so...the fact it is simply good for your health is not a good enough reason... we need a hook and good reason to be willing to step out of our comfort zone. If you have ever had an event that was important to you and you wanted to look nice in that “little black dress” you may remember how motivating it was to do the things it took to look good and have that feeling of accomplishment. No matter how hard and uncomfortable the process was, the feeling we got was totally worth all the uncomfortable moments that came along the way. What we are all experiencing is weird, uncertain, unfamiliar, and sometimes unfriendly. Just know that it is all of us loving each other that is going to make the difference, and get us all through it. I have created a place for us to share our stories, our successes and our uncertainties... Dump & Reload The Care Partner Connection. Mondays are for Family Care Partners choose from 7-9am or 6-8pm. Tuesdays are for Professional Care Partners. 7-9am or 6-8pm. Drop in and stay a little or stay a while...Take what you need...share what you know...Hold space for each other as we go... register at to get the meeting code!

For more information on what's going on here at Embrace, go to: and Thanks for Reading!!

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