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"Dump & Reload" The Care Partner Connection

Updated: May 6, 2021

Dump & Reload is/was a term that is used in the technology world that referred to a process of dumping bugs in programs by reloading new programming so software works better, faster and with less errors. My sister thinks of something way different when she thinks of dump and reload, she thinks yep you guessed it.... poop... My logic concludes they are pretty much the same things, out with the bad and in with the good... So when I was thinking about what I needed as a Care Partner (Caregiver) during this Covid crazy, I figured out the thing I miss the most is talking to people, training and heart to hearts with other Care Partners both professional and family. I determined these things are key to filling my bucket, emptying my bucket and processing the things that happen on our journey. Hence the dump and reload process. “Dump & Reload” The Care Partner Connection, was created to provide a space for all of us to come together to rid ourselves of the things are heavy, gain insight and perspective from others, and fill ourselves back up with joy, confidence and a refreshed commitment to the people we support. This connection is a place where you can drop in and stay a little or stay a while. Take what you need... Share what you know... and hold space for each other as we go... Our Family Care Partner Connection meets every Monday from 7-9am or 6-8pm. Our Professional Care Partner Connection meet every Tuesday from 7-9am or 6-8pm. You can attend either or both! This place was built to provide a safe and confidential place where you and your peers can sort out the good, the bad and the ugly of caring for another human being. Besides sharing our experiences, each session will also include an education component as well as a lid lifter to leave you laughing! How does it work? We meet virtually through Zoom. You can do this on your phone, iPad or computer. You will then need to go to our website:

and register, once you register it will take you to a page that will give you the meeting number. This number will be the same every week and will not change. Oh! Did I mention it is FREE!! We hope too see you on one of our calls! If you have questions or need technical assistance please email or call 320.360.4724.

Thank you for all you do!! Stay safe!!

For more information on what's going on here at Embrace, go to: and Thanks for Reading!!

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