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Red Bauble

A transformational Christmas Gift


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Conversation with Krisie

Caregiving can be a long lonely journey and it can feel like an island of one..

It's amazing what one good conversation can do!!

Sometimes you just want to talk to someone who is walking to walk to find some normal, validation and conformation your not going nuts...

Give the gift of


5 - 90 min Conversations with Krisie


(Retail $200)

Foundation & Planning

Answering the questions you don't know how to ask about Aging, Caregiving and Disease

(Specializing in Dementia)

Helping you find your next right answer so you can get the best plan that is right for your family.

The things no one tells you about

and the pitfalls to avoid.

Your always going to be surprised life happened

and we can be ready for it!

2hr Family Foundation and Planning

Gift Certificate Price


(Retail Value $225)

Elder Couple
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Family Dementia Experience

Dementia 101 is not going to teach you how to live with the daily challenges and navigating the difficult journey.


This experience  teaches you how a person living with Dementia takes in the world around them and help us to work with and focus on what they have left instead of what they lost.


Your person living with Dementia has it on the inside,

You as a family have it on the outside.

Thrive instead of just survive...

2hr Family Dementia Experience

Gift Certificate Price


(Retail Value $225)

Family Conflict Mediation & Resolution

Even the strongest families struggle through hard journeys...

Getting on the same page and being able to see and hear each other is often challenging and makes hard situations harder...

I can help!

This package includes:

Individual Sessions

Tailored Designed Alliance for your family

Family Education and Planning

Follow Up Meeting

Family Conflict Resolution Package

Gift Certificate Price


(Retail Value $650)

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