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Filling requirements doesn't fill our need for Human Connection...


Screen White Noise

We need to focus on human development, not system development...
Creating a safe place for your staff to explore and develop their human skills, helps them to lead with grace and compassion
for self and others...

The education is in the Human Experience not in the Power Point... 


How many classes have you had in your lifetime that helped you understand yourself or others?

Do you know why there are a few Staff who need to check in every morning, instead of getting right to work?

Supporting Self
& Others

We absolutely can get any information we want online, we can learn anything we want, meet any requirement, and virtually gather.  


All of this in it's awesomeness will never ever support your community or you in the bathroom if someday you may need assistance, think about that...


To see me is to know who I am before

what I can do for you...

Caregivers and Families

We have taught each other how to judge, punish and divide into our own little worlds were we can no longer

see each other...

Our staff is supporting people through the most important times of their lives they produce stories that last a lifetime.

To see me is to know who I am before what I have...

There has never been a more important time to see each other...
If you don't see and support your staff... someone else will...

Krisie Barron LSW
Caregiver/Human Specialist

Krisie Barron is a Caregiver Specialist, with over twenty five years of experience helping individuals and families walk their aging journey.  As a Licensed Social Worker and Family Caregiver, she brings an extensive background of knowledge and experience in Nursing Home Care, Home and Community Based Services, Homecare and Hospice.  


Krisie embodies the background and insight necessary to bridge the gap between Professional and Family Caregivers.   By understanding each other as humans and being conscious of the journey each of us travels, we can start with peace, curiosity and grace instead of judgment, punishment and a sense of war in our hearts. 

"Just super outstanding, so many practical ideas to care for those who are losing their memory and the physical explanations as to why they match the losses."​
                                                                                        Jennifer B.

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