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Alzheimer's and Dementia are increasing at alarming rates and the affects of the disease from a human resources perspective is moving to the forefront of resource issues for businesses large and small.  Having conversations and understanding the Caregiving journey they are on will help set realistic expectations and understanding for everyone. 

If you serve the public, you have an additional responsibility to those customers with dementia and the Caregivers who support them.  Learning to recognize the signs of Alzheimers and having the skills and patience to effectively communicate with the people they serve.  

For every $1 companies spend on eldercare support reaps a $3 to $14 return.  Thats good business!!

How can we help?


  • Education for employees and managers about caregiving and how to best support the Caregivers in your organization.

  • Staff training Dementia and Caregiver Awareness and Sensitivity Training

  • How to talk to your Parents!! How to be in control of your journey!!  Give your staff a gift!!  


Caregiver Assistance Program  One on One Caregiver Coaching to help Caregivers provide the best care for their loved ones as well as taking care of themselves.  



Healthy expectations enable healthy boundaries.  Healthy Caregivers, healthy families, healthy workers. 

Employee Health and Wellness


Setting the foundation of knowledge when it comes to aging is essential to planning and manuvering the journey.  Employees these days are taking on the roles of Caregiver.  

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