Tailored Family Education
Answering the questions you don't know how to ask...

Wouldn’t it be cool that when life happened a manual would pop up and answer all the questions you don’t know how to ask?  For the last 20 years I have supported families through active aging, Caregiving, Home Care and Hospice.  One theme holds true no matter where the journey takes you, “I wish I would have know that sooner.” This session helps to answer the questions you don’t know how to ask… I can help!

Session Includes:


Getting a plan that is unique to you and your family is the key to success. Getting everyone on the same page by understanding what is significant to everyone and the fears are present can alleviate stressful situations both now and in the future.  Establishing boundaries and understanding the roles and responsibilities now, will define how your family functions throughout this journey.




  • Dementia is random and hard on everyone.  Having an honest and caring facilitator who can evaluate what a person with Dementia has left and how to best support them will help you connect and communicate at each stage of this disease.  Most importantly you will get an explanation of why a person living with Dementia does what they do.  


  • Caregiving is a hard job that comes with trials and tribulations.  These produce reactions and feelings most people don’t understand and have no idea WHY they feel the way they do.  Understanding yourself and what you are experiencing, is the best way to support and care for yourself.


What makes this unique and why should you consider it?


This session gives your family tailored education in a comfortable setting where questions and ideas and fears can flow freely and allows everyone to see a different perspective that allows families to

THRIVE and not just SURVIVE!!

“If you have a loved one that has Dementia/memory loss for whatever reason, you need to talk to Krisie.  She’ll explain to you what’s going on in your loved ones head and what is happening to their brain.  She’ll teach you how to deal with the frustrations that come with being a caregiver and knowing that your loved one is not out to purposely drive you crazy”.   ~Connie M

Knowledge is power… Empower yourself and your family today!!



Length of Session: Up to 3hrs   

Cost Virtually: $225 (this includes Embrace setting up a virtual meeting following FBI suggested standards.)   

In-person Cost:  $225 + mileage, no charge within 75mile radius of New London, MN. Outside= .45/mile  

Continued Family and Caregiver Coaching Available : $125/session 

“Excellent information presented in a way you could relate to…”

Tel: 320.360.4724         krisie@embracingjourneys.com   

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