“Do the people we support come to live with us to…
A.  Die/Last stop
B. “Live" out the rest of their lives…
Connecting the Person Centered Approach
to the Human Experience

Providing a Human Experience

Human approach to providing Care

This 8hr experience promises to take you on an interactive exploratory journey that will help you feel, understand and appreciate the world of those living with Dementia, both on the inside and on the outside.  It’s our job to help people be in charge of their own lives and help them maintain a quality of life that aligns with who they are and how they want to “live” out the rest of their lives. We know that for some families and Care Partners it is really hard for them to wrap their heads around what is happening and how they should feel about it.  First we must start by understanding the world in which they live, and educate ourselves on the “why” behind the feelings, frustrations and challenges that come along the journey.


​In this workshop you will:

• How we connect matters, whether it is with the people we support, Caregivers, Families, or each other as staff, “How we start dictates… Dictates where we end…” 


• Understanding our Family Caregivers that allows us to support and guide through the Caregiver journey and help explain the feelings, emotions and uncertainties that come along the way.


• Connection, Leadership and the providing the next level of care.  How are we supporting each other as staff directly affects the care that is provided.  We affect each other chemically, and understanding how and how we can do something different is what changes cultures, care and staff retention.

• Discover the world of Dementia by understanding how people with Dementia experience their

new and ever changing world. Understanding the world in which we support helps us to provide

quality care that allows people to shine.

• Learn Positive Approach to Care, Hand under Hand Philosophy and Process by Teepa Snow

techniques that will enhance every interaction and help to reduce negative reactions and


Target Audience:  Licensed Professionals - Nurses, Case Management, Social Workers, Caregiver Coaches, PT, OT, Dental Clinicians, Doctors 


Length of Presentation:  8hrs 

Cost: $1,500 +mileage and expenses

“Excellent information presented in a way you could relate to…”

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