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Your Staff is your most important Customer...

How we support them matters...

With turnover reaching new heights, are you worried about who is going to be left standing at the end of this pandemic?  What if you could keep your high performers and high potential staff engaged, invested and supported for less that it would cost to host a staff pizza party?

Supporting your staff like they are supporting your families and residents puts additional strain on the management and the system as a whole.


The Human Connector can help by providing:

  • Individual coaching and mentoring sessions to help with life's struggles and demands, self development and reach personal goal setting.

  • Caregiver Coaching

  • Grief and Loss Support

  • Compassion Fatigue Support

  • Support to bridge the gaps between staff members.

  • Leadership Mentoring

  • Connecting to community resources.

Watching the suffering our patients and families are experiencing is

emotionally exhausting and morally challenging at times...


The level of support your staff is providing to your families is far beyond what was needed before and what you have likely been able to anticipate and plan for.


The  Human Connector can help by providing:

  • Individual Family and Caregiver Coaching Sessions

  • Family and Facility designed alliances that help to build better working relationships

  • Caregiver and Family education Caregiving, Dementia, Grief and Loss.

  • Support challenging families.

  • Connect to community resources.



Low Risk High reward offer!!

5hr Pkg   $350

10hr Pkg  $650

Tailored Packages Available!

Start transforming your support today!