The gift that keeps on giving...
Personalized Family Education and Consulting

This session gives your family tailored education in a comfortable setting where questions and ideas and fears can flow freely and allows everyone to see a different perspective that allows families to

THRIVE and not just SURVIVE!!

Statistically 4 out of 5 families fall apart during the course of a chronic illness.  I have figured out solutions and explanations of the thing along this difficult path.  I have developed an education and consulting package that will give you and your family the tool and education

For the last 25 years I have supported families with the goal of answering the questions they did not know to ask, educating them on the things they needed to know, and provide the tools they needed to be in control of the journey instead of being at the mercy of it.


We only get one shot at life, let me help you walk a more peaceful, compassionate and loving journey during some of the hardest times of your life, you don't have to struggle as much as you are...

Happy Senior Couple

Education includes

Understanding the Human Experience

Explore the nameless feelings

What does "take care of yourself" mean?

Disease specific education

Dementia Specific Education

Present Surprise


Is everyone on the same page?

Does the person who lives the farthest

away have the biggest opinion?

Helping families develop working agreements where everyones priorities, fears and needs are considered when developing a plan for your family.