Certified Trainer

Person Centered Thinking PCT

Developed and Certified by Micheal Smull and The Learning Community

2 Day Training

Person-Centered Thinking training is two days of interactive training for acquiring and practicing effective person centered thinking skills,centered on how to discover and balance what is important to and what is important for a person. These approaches respectfully address issues of health and safety, from a variety of perspectives, while empowering the people served to maintain control and a sense of being listened to. Participants learn to write a Person Centered Description.

This training is designed for staff at all levels in an organization as well as individuals who receive support and families. It is especially relevant for full time staff who continually interact with the people served and for supervisory staff.

A two-day, interactive training for acquiring and practicing effective person centered thinking skills:

  • Discovering what is important TO and what is important FOR a person

  • The role of rituals & routines

  • The power of being listened to

  • The impact of having control

  • What makes sense and what doesn’t: recording all perspectives

  • How to respectfully address issues of health/ safety and support choice

  • How to weight variables when matching people who receive supports and provide support

  • Creating goals that help people get what is important to them while addressing what is important for them (e.g. safety).

This workshop includes person centered concepts, principles and materials used with permission from The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.  Find out more at www.learningcommunity.us

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