Human Experience

Bridging the Gap between
Person Centered Care and the

Human Experience

How we support matters!  We are all just doing the best that we can with the resources and staff we have, but what if I told you that by using a different lens and gaining a different perspective would change the way we are supporting each other both staff and residents alike… I whole heartedly believe that “How we start…Dictates where we end”... Join me for this interactive journey that will help you feel and experience the worlds in which we support…How will it look when it’s our turn…Do we want it to look like this???.

  • Person Centered Care and Services…What does that even mean, let alone what does it look like? Understanding where we are before we figure out where there is room for improvement is the key to changing the culture of your organization and relationships.

  • Connection - We are all hard wired for connection, when we are not connected we are suffering…

  • Caregiving vs Care Partnering… Understanding ourselves so we can better understand how and why we support the way we do.



Target Audience: All Human Service Workers


Length of Presentation: 4hr 

Reflection of Monks Crossing a Wooden Br

This workshop includes person centered concepts, principles and materials used with permission from The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.  Find out more at

This 8hr experience promises to take you on an interactive exploratory journey t


oin us for this 2hr journey that gives you some understanding of the aging process, some “why” behind what dementia brings to the table and some Caregiver clarity that will sustain even the most burnout Caregivers.

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