Teepa Snow

Positive Approach to Care (PAC)

One of the most awesome things that has happened to me along this journey, is finding Teepa Snow.  There are so many reason why I am a better person, care partner and mentor to the people I support, but the biggest gift she has given me, is the ability to help those who support people living with Dementia the ability to see what their people have left, the PAC to support them and an explanation of "why" people living with Dementia do what they do.

As a Certified PAC Trainer I am honored to join her cause and spread her message! 


Until There's a Cure for Dementia...

There's a Positive Approach to Care! 

Teepa Snow


Frontline Connection

Experience Dementia from the Inside

and the Outside

“How we start dictates… Dictates where we end…” 

How we connect matters, whether it’s with the people we support, Caregivers, Families and other staff members.

  • Discover the world of dementia by understanding how people with dementia experience their world. 

  • Understand yourself as a Caregiver as well as the Family Caregivers you support through their caregiving journey.

  • Learn the Positive Approach to Care and Hand under Hand Philosophy that will enhance interaction and reduce negative responses

Target Audience: Frontline Staff, Dietary, Laundry, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Volunteers, Clergy, Emergency Response Teams


Length of Presentation:  4hrs

Cost: $750 + mileage and expenses

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